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The extraordinary and innovative texture, applied to the delicate eye contour area, gives and instant sensation of lifting and more open gaze.


DIBI MILANO are pleased to present the creation of the 1st beauty treatment with a lifting action that reduces wrinkles and firms and redensifies tissues.

The facial contours look instantly lifted up.

Lift Creator Eye Contour Jelly


    A complex of active ingredients that help the proteins involved in the production of collagen and elastin to give a new-generation lifting effect.

    CARNOSINE Molecule with an antioxidant and neutralizing action against free radicals.VITAMINS A, E and C Their antioxidant and anti-aging actions are essential for fighting skin aging.

    HEXAPEPTIDE “Botox-like” smoothing action on deep wrinkles and expression lines.

    TITRATED EXTRACT OF PERSIAN SILK TREE An active ingredient that works specifically on the eye contour area with a smoothing and lifting action on the eyelid. It reduces and improves the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles.

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