At K L Health & Beauty I offer a wide range of different products. This enables us to find the perfect products to suit all clients.

Decleor facial treatments

Decléor makes an aromatherapy based product range using plant extracts and 100% essential oils. Decléor offer a wide variety of face and body skincare to suit each individual’s needs.

Gelish nail treatments

Gelish are passionate about sourcing the finest quality products. Extensive research and development go into each product, utilizing state of the art technology and salon testing.

Glo Skin Beauty

Glo Skin Beauty at K.L. Health & Beauty Salon in Leicester

Skincare is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, which can add to a happier, healthier you. Having good skincare routines and using the right beauty products can put your best foot forwards when you go out in the world!

At K. L. Health & Beauty in Leicester we offer our clients both men and women a wide range of beauty treatments using high-quality beauty products such as Glo Skin Beauty. 

What is Glo Skin Beauty?

Glo Skin Beauty is an innovative skincare collection aimed at revealing your best authentic self. It provides a fully integrated line developed with the highest quality ingredients and nourishing minerals. The beauty products start with cleansers and end with lipstick, being used by skincare and makeup professionals worldwide. 

  • Glo Skin Products aim to: 
    • Balance your skin type 
    • Provide personalised skincare solutions and routines for all skin types 
    • Give you a tailored mineral makeup collection to ensure a healthy complexion 
    • Enhance and protect even the most sensitive skin 
    • Offer a variety of formulas, finish options and a shade gallery to fit every beauty ideal 

Why Glo Skin Beauty?

Glo Skin Beauty provides professional treatments and home care products that deliver transformative results for skin care professionals and their clients. 

  • Top reasons to choose Glo Skin Beauty are: 
      • Innovative skincare formulas 
      • Transformative results 
      • The best science and nature leverage as it combines plant derivatives with complementary firming, reparative, nutritive and antioxidant ingredients 
      • Concentrated active ingredients 
      • Paraben-free 
      • Beauty coverage that lasts due to ultra-fine minerals in a triple-milled process 
      • Antioxidants blend of Vitamin A, C, E and Green Tea Extract for protection 
      • Talc-free 
      • Rich colour makeup palette 
      • Cruelty-free products with the mineral makeup line PETA approved


  •  The Glo Skin Beauty products for skin cover: 
    • Cleansers & Toners 
    • Exfoliators 
    • Moisturisers 
    • Treatment Serums 
    • Masks
    • Lip & Eyecare 
    • Sun Protection 
    • Professional Treatments

Choosing your skin type’s proper skincare routine is essential for a youthful, healthy and radiant appearance.

  • The Glo Skin Beauty products cover the following skin types: 
    • Oily
    • Combination 
    • Dry
    • Sensitive 

All products also take into close consideration different skin regimes and concerns to ensure the best results possible. 

  • The Glo Skin Beauty products for makeup cover:
    • Face makeup
    • Eyes 
    • Lips 
    • Kits
    • Makeup tools 

At K L Health & Beauty Salon in Leicester, we know that having beautiful skin means making smart choices throughout your life. Together with our Glo Skin Beauty products range, we can make sure that your skin is healthy and taken care of in the best ways possible.