Holistic & Decleor Body Treatments

Holistic Treatment

This experience provides a tranquil atmosphere, where you can unwind and relax to calming sounds and the scented smells of luxurious essential oils when you want to escape from your day to day stresses in to a world of rest and relaxation. All massages and body treatment include a 15 minute relaxation time at the end of each treatment.

Baby on board Face and Body Treatment

– 1 hr 15 mins £55.00

Pregnancy can take its toll on your body so relax and let a highly trained therapist safely and gently treat you to a truly nurturing and indulgent experience. This blissful face and body treatment includes a comforting tummy mask that actively helps reduce the risk of stretch marks plus a draining massage to reduce water retention thus lightening ‘heavy’ legs. A skin-brightening facial ensures you look as glowing as you feel.

Special Delivery Face and Body

– 1 Hr 15 mins £50.00

Our post-natal treatment takes care of you top-to-toe. Deeply relaxing, this face and body treat utilises Decleor’s most sumptuous, replenishing products to help ease backache, improve fluid retention and combat fatigue. A divine draining massage soothes tired legs and an over-tired body and mind, while an illuminating facial improves skin tone and elasticity, helping new mums re-energise to feel like themselves again. Leaves skin as soft as your newborn’s.


Full Body Massage

– 90 mins £47.00
Swedish and deep pressure massage to ease away aches and pains, and relieve the body from tension.

Relaxing Back Massage

– 45 mins £25.00
A soothing massage to gently melt away stress and promote total relaxation.

Deep Pressure Back Massage

– 60 mins £30.00
A deep pressure Swedish massage technique to soothe away everyday stresses and strains, and help to eliminate toxins.

Polish & Nourish

– 60 mins £30.00

Orange, Argan and Sugar exfoliating grains alongside Fruit Enzymes of Passion Fruit, Grape and Pineapple are used to buff and polish skin leaving it in supreme condition. A delightfully relaxing massage with warm aromatherapy oils then allows your therapist to focus on any areas of tension and stress, re-energising and restoring vitality for skin that’s beautifully nourished and velvety soft all.

Aromatherapy Massage

– 90 mins £52.00
A unique and relaxing massage for stress, using firm pressure with the therapeutic effect of pure Essential Oils prescribed to suit your personal requirements. Whether it’s to relax, re-energise, sooth aching muscles, or to improve circulation, this is a truly blissful experience! Includes face and scalp massage.

Indian Head Massage

(with oils) – 45 mins  £47.00
Derived from the ancient Indian Head Massage, which has been traditionally used for thousands of years. The massage works not only on the head but also on the face, neck and shoulders to reduce stress on the body and mind, and improve energy levels. This is a most re-energising experience with many other physical and emotional benefits.


– 75 mins £37.00
Using fingers and thumb pressures on the reflex points of the feet to relieve stress and tension, improve circulation, and stimulate the body to heal itself restoring harmony and balance.